Khoshbin provides short-term hard money loans for real estate investors, specializing in Investor Rehab Lending on residential and commercial investment property. Using hard money for short term financing is easy, fast, and often the only viable financing for distressed properties.

Our underwriting is 48 hours from time of application and funding as fast as 5 business days!

If you feel you meet the criteria below then fill out the form to the right and someone will get back to you within 1 business day.


LIEN POSITION 1st Deed of Trust only
LOAN PURPOSE Commercial financing for the purchase, Refinance and rehab ofnon-owner occupied, investment properties
LOAN AMOUNTS $300,000 to $3,000,000
PREFERRED MARKETS Southern California
LOAN TERM 9 months, with the option for up to one 90-day extension
INTEREST RATE 10-14.5% (depending on Property and Loan to Value)
BORROWER CASH DOWN As low as 30% of total project hard costs. Pricing is drivenPrimarily by Borrowers “skin in the game”
REHAB FINANCING Up to 100% of approved costs, subject to 3rd party inspections; all workCompleted within 90-120 days from loan closing
LTV RATIOS Up to 65% After Repair Value (“ARV”)
REPAYMENT Interest paid monthly with balloon at maturity; no prepaymentPenalties
TIME TO FUND 5-10 business days
DUE DILIGENCE EXPENSES Borrower responsible for all mutually agreed upon propertydue diligence costs (based on property type)

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